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We are one of the Expert Shipping Agency that fully supporting the Owner/ Operator for arranging a proper businnes during their vessel calling at the Port and Indonesian Water. We act as your local representative to arrange for vessel arrivals and departures; port stays; legal paperwork for intra-port movements in port master and harbor, immigration, customs and port health aspects. By our experiences and our good relationship with the Port Authorities we believe that you have delivered your vessel to the right hands by using our Company.

Act as General Agent or Port Agent for Full Vessel Clearance in/out. Trimitra Maritime Agensi Assist with planning, organising and coordination all aspects of port calls, ensuring full compliance with safety, statutory and commercial requirements and regulations. Liase with port authorities with whom we have a reputable relationship for special requirements such as berth allocations for Assist customers operating in Indonesia Ports.

Estimated Port Disbursement Account (EPDA) :
- Maritime Port Authority dues
- Maritime Welfare Fees
- Pilotage fees (in, outward and shifting)
- Communications and miscellaneous charges
- Launch hires

Enjoy the efficiency of centralized co-ordination, standardized rates and single invoice thus simplifying administration to give you peace of mind wherever your vessels go.

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